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  1. Respond to the email to let us know you are part of the program.
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  3. Choose one of the options below
  • Option A: Join us on Zoom at 6:30pm tonight and each night Sunday-Thursday and 2pm on Friday to learn Orchas Tzaddikim with Rabbi Leiter for 10 minutes. Click here to join the Zoom
  • Option B: Learn yourself or with a Chavrusa Mesilas Yesharim or any other classic Mussar text (eg. Orchos Tzadikim, Shaarei Teshuva, Chovos Halevavos) 10 minutes daily.
  • Option C: Listen to classes on the above works on the ou website or Torah Anytime, 10 minutes daily.


Thu, November 30 2023 17 Kislev 5784